customized relaxing therapeutic facial

60 minutes of pure relaxation ideal for any one who wants to take a mini vacation and leave behind all the stresses that life brings. There’s no facial more personalized to your needs than this. Each step is a fusion of science, natural botanicals and luxurious techniques customized with clinical strength ingredients uniquely designed to deliver results. The first step begins with an individualized skin reading, determining your concerns and skin goals followed by an invigorating double cleanse. Enzymes will be applied with or without steam for exfoliation followed by extractions, made more comfortable with the ultrasonic spatula. Your freshly exfoliated, extracted skin will be calmed and renewed by a custom facial massage with aromatherapy oils for extra relaxation.   Choose to receive either a hand or foot massage while your face bathes in a custom blend mask, chosen especially for your skin. Finishing products specifically chosen for you including eye cream, serums, moisturizer and sunscreen are the final touch. A stimulating scalp massage will bring you back to reality and leave you ready to “face” the world.


diamond microdermabrasion

Microderm is a noninvasive, skin resurfacing procedure that gently exfoliates or polishes away the top layer of dead skin cells, while stimulating collagen growth, to reveal healthy new skin that looks and feels smoother. Fine lines, blemishes, dull skin and sun spots can be improved, especially with regular treatments. Products such as serums and moisturizers are more easily absorbed and therefore more effective after microdermabrasion treatment. This is a painless, low-risk skin treatment that can be added to your beauty routine. Includes skin analysis, double deep cleanse, diamond tip microderm, extractions, massage with gel therapy mask, serum, moisturizer and sunscreen.


rejuvenation peel series

This appointment is the beginning of beautiful skin. We will cleanse and thoroughly analyze your skin, custom design a home care and professional treatment program, and provide the first in a series of treatments to meet your goals. Following 4-5 treatments are usually one to two weeks apart. Home care is required. If suggested timeline is followed, remaining treatments in series are 25% off.


microcurrent facial

Relax while your face takes a trip to the gym. A thorough microcurrent treatment will follow your cleanse and manual exfoliation. True microcurrent therapy delivered to the face and neck through MyoLift™ will help...

  • Anti-aging gracefully by stimulating the elastin protein and collagen production to help plump up the tissue, strengthening elongated muscles to bring a lifting and toning effect to the face, and lengthening the corrugated muscles , reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fines lines

  • Reduces scar tissue buildup helping to reduce appearance of stretch marks or acne scarring

  • Reduces dark circles & puffiness

  • Tightens & reduces open pores, improving skin texture

  • Give skin youthful appearance & increases blood supply


skin classic, skin blemish removal

Remove unwanted skin irregularities with Skin Classic Treatments. The Skin Classic direct high frequency technology is a quick, affordable, non-laser treatment for minor skin irregularities such as telangiectasia, cherry angiomas, keratosis, fibromas, skin tags, hyperpigmentation, milia, sebaceous hyperplasia and acne.

Cost is based on the area(s) or the number of irregularities being treated. 


not sure where to begin?

If you are unsure where to start with professional skincare, this is the perfect place! I can recommend services and products to meet the needs of YOUR skin. Please come with a clean face or be willing to allow me to do a quick cleanse. I will take a close look at your skin and cannot do this through makeup; I will apply sunscreen when we are finished! I even have a dermascope; so if you’d like, you can see what I see!

I will explain what is the best course of action to get the results you want. Please don’t grab that bottle or jar off the drugstore shelf or just use what your friend is using. I can recommend services and products to meet the needs of YOUR skin - It is unique and precious; you should only trust it in the hands of a licensed professional. Please bring all of your questions! With 1000 hours+ of skincare education, I am happy to make this fascinating field more understandable and send you home with a personalized "Script" for radiant skin!

If you want to get started right away, add-on a 60 minute facial! We will choose the right service together during your analysis.