Jenn is so knowledgeable about skincare! If you are looking for someone that goes above and beyond a relaxing facial, someone who will help actually improve your with her!
— Kacy K.
I have been a client at Ray of Light for over 10 years. The benefits I have received can only be described as ‘life altering.’ Services are provided in a serene setting with the utmost of professionalism. Jennifer’s knowledge of the human anatomy as well as practical solutions to overcome a variety of issues is something I view as an ‘investment’ in my health and wellbeing. Thank you Jennifer for everything you have done for my mind and body!
— Terie L.
Jennifer is Amazing! She listens to your concerns and addresses them. She makes sure you are completely comfortable. The studio itself is relaxing and cozy- love the option of a heated bed. And she knows what she is talking about!
— Ashley P.

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About Me

At an early age I was guided by a passion to work with people and to help them feel BETTER. Introduced to the beautiful healing art that is massage in the year 2000, it has become my life's work... until I was challenged with acne in my mid thirties (another one of what I like to call lessons in empathy from the universe). I became fascinated with skincare and how I could incorporate it into the work I already do. Admittedly, I once thought that facials were frivolous and unnecessary (we can all wash our own face, right?!) But they are so much more than that! For starters, the procedures and ingredients/products that, as a licensed professional, I can access and use for your treatments, can deliver RESULTS! And there is an amazing psychological factor that really married massage and aesthetics for me: When we feel good, even if it is ‘just’ because we look better, our internal chemistry changes, and we experience reduced pain, anxiety, stress. When we feel radiant, we truly are radiant.

So, if you'd like to shine a little brighter, I would be honored to be a part of your journey.

~ Jennifer Harris, your licensed aesthetician & massage therapist

~ Jennifer Harris, your licensed aesthetician & massage therapist